Bullet Points Done Right

Do you like using Bullet points? Of course you do! These little bolded dots are indented just enough to make you: Move your eyes down. And speed up. 60% of the time, it works every time…. All the time? Yes.It works everytime. “You’ll notice that there are periods after each of the bullet points. When Read More


Investor Relations, Social Media and the Web

Last year, whispers and gossip of industry influence filled every room. Ideas and opinions of the web and Investors Relations spread like wildfire, while social media and twitter filtered into a quiet back-channel of web savvy individuals interested in the use of Social Media for IR. The National Investor Relations Institute Annual Conference is a melting Read More


Go Humans Go!

When there is a mission involved people are more likely to share and care… My mission is to share with you information and opinions from other people that influence me. I believe that if I can share their passions I can help create a more positive influence in the lives of those around me. “If Read More


Dive Into the Social SOUP

For those who think facebook is the extent of your online persona – think again. We are entering a new era and those migrating into social networks are quickly learning how to communicate online. I like the idea that we are collectively learning and brainstorming how to use social media. Do you think it is Read More


Rounding a Social Media Curve

Social Media is about engagement, right? Yes, but maybe you started off with social media the way I did; quietly listening while learning the ropes, lurking and not really being social at all! In fact, my first tweet was on October, 26th 2007. Great, except- I sent 15 tweets in the first month and not Read More


Make Every Performance Seem Like the First

As I headed to the Kennedy Center last night for a show, I began thinking about the preparation involved in stage production and what an immense undertaking it is. The behind the scenes work takes months to produce a seemingly effortless result; the performance. I was always taught that the trick to acting is to Read More


Self- Indulgent Marketing

Do marketers avoid being persuaded by their own art? Or do marketers love the hypnosis that comes from their own craft? Over the past 3 years I’ve worked with a lot of marketing and PR professionals. As a result of the work I see happening around me I have become much more aware of my Read More


I Dream Of Beaches

I just finished reading “The Four Hour Work Week” By Tim Ferriss while on vacation with my girlfriend and best friends from home. Now -I don’t know whether or not it was necessarily because I was on vacation- but it was- that the entrepreneurial side of me came out in full force. Something about being on Read More


First seek to understand, then seek to be understood.

Interpersonal communication is the process of sending and receiving information with another person. Communication with this other person can be both verbal and nonverbal. The idea is simple, but the implications are monstrous. It seems so easy to say, “I communicate well with others.” But how do you know? How do you measure your ability to communicate? Read More