Go Humans Go!

When there is a mission involved people are more likely to share and care… My mission is to share with you information and opinions from other people that influence me. I believe that if I can share their passions I can help create a more positive influence in the lives of those around me. “If Read More


Act Right!

This is a follow up to my thoughts from Monday’s post on customer service. I believe that every conversation with a potential customer is a representation of the larger organization; you are now acting as the company. In the same way, every performance for a stage actor is a representation of the way the playwright Read More


Make Every Performance Seem Like the First

As I headed to the Kennedy Center last night for a show, I began thinking about the preparation involved in stage production and what an immense undertaking it is. The behind the scenes work takes months to produce a seemingly effortless result; the performance. I was always taught that the trick to acting is to Read More



I’ve been thinking and talking a lot about self-responsibility lately. I think we can all agree that the things we choose to do each day are all to often the result of a habit. I could outline my entire morning routine, you could too I’m sure. Our morning routines are made entirely out of habit. Read More


Method Affects Effect

Any good magician will tell you that the method employed during a trick will ultimately change how the audience views the overall performance. This is true for most aspects of life. The vocabulary you use during a discussion will change how your message is interpreted by the receiver. Politicians are one of the best examples Read More