What Make a Great Teacher? Part 4

As American Education Week comes to to an end I believe we are entering an era that requires drastic measures to ensure the success of America’s school system.

The results of the National Assessment of Education Progress released Thursday display the sames issues that emerge time and time again on other standardized tests. There is a substantial difference between the performance of whites and minorities, between middle class and poor. There are so many external factors affecting a students success.


What Make a Great Teacher: Part 3

Earlier today the Department of Education issued the results of the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) Grade 12 Reading and Mathematics National and Pilot State Results.

School LockersToday’s report suggests that high school seniors’ achievement in reading and math isn’t rising fast enough to prepare them to succeed in college and careers. Reading results have improved since 2005, but are still below the level of 1992. Math scores also show only incremental gains over four years ago.


What Make a Great Teacher: Part 2

Everyday nearly 50 million students head off to approximately 99,000 public elementary and secondary schools around the country and before the school year is out, an estimated $540 billion will be spent related to their education.

In part 2 of What Makes a Great a Teacher I asked a friend of mine who is in her 4th year of teaching what she thought was driving successful students in America’s schools? …


What Makes a Great Teacher? Part 1

The 89th Annual American Education Week-Nov. 14-20, presents all Americans with an opportunity to celebrate public education and honor individuals who are making a difference in ensuring every child receives a quality education.

My mother has always been a source of inspiration and I credit her for my interest and passion for quality education in America’s schools. I can’t think of a better way to honor educators than to highlight my mother’s own contribution to public education. She has taught in the Virginia Public school system for 29 years.


American Education Week

Next Monday marks, the 89th annual American Education Week, November 14–20. I am not a professional educator, nor do I have kids in the education system- yet I have this strange connection and understanding of the importance of schools and teachers and the process of educating the masses.
Thousands of teachers around the world spend each day in the classroom with children, teenagers and adults alike. These teachers are a grounding force for the new generations to come.