6 Steps For Financial Services to Use Social Media Effectively

Few industries have relationships with their customers like financial services. Financial questions surround nearly every life decision. Many of these decisions and plans play out over the very long term. Unfortunately, this means that customers have ample time and opportunity to switch services when they are motivated by a better offer, or worse, turned off Read More


Communication in a Social Media World

Social Media has changed everything. The way we see the world, and the way the world sees us and our businesses will never be the same. Social media is a part of our world that is not going away. It is the way so many people communicate today, which makes it an important leadership tool. Read More


The Journey to Social Business in Banking

The path to social business isn’t always pretty, but taking advantage of technology and pairing it with the right resources and processes will produce a community that translates into real business results. It’s no secret today’s consumers use social media as the go-to for customer service interactions with brands around the world. It’s gone beyond Read More


Social Leadership is Changing Business

Over the last 3 months I have been observing my new team- the structure, the dynamics and the resources to determine what skills we have and what can we build with them. This information allowed me to set a strategic direction.


Chapter 3:Moving On

In December 2011, I left my first career at Business Wire and joined the Digital Marketing team at CSC. I have spent the last two years helping build CSC’s social media and digital marketing infrastructure.


Top 10 Digital Marketing Predictions for 2014

Marketing is different now. It’s more sophisticated and personalized and I believe we have only begun to elevate the art and science of Digital Marketing. With that in mind and end of the year predictions among us- I present to you, My Top 10 Digital Marketing Predictions for 2014. 10. Brands move into more branded Read More


Red Cups and Relaxation

A few weeks ago my wife and I, along with six friends took a cruise to the Bahamas. It felt good to check out of the real world for a week. No phone, no email, just the water, the sun, a few drinks and each other. We had a blast. No email, no phone calls, Read More


What Are the Big Networking Events in DC Going to Be?

In May of this year I attended the The What’s Next DC conference with some colleagues from CSC. It was one of the most creative conferences around Washington D.C. with an amazing line up of marketers, communicators, business managers, founders, entrepreneurs and digital savy social media brains.whew. Those two days went by fast. Monday I Read More


Chapter 2.5: My Journey to Social Media Management

I have been struggling for the last 6 months with my website, my blog, my social media presence…there was so much going on I didn’t know where to start. To be sure, it’s all good stuff. Work is good, life is good, business is good. I’ve been in my current job for nearly two years Read More


Training for a Marathon while Brewing Beer

Since Mon, Oct 1, 2012  at 7:16 PM I’ve been training to run a marathon, well on March 16th I will be running the Rock & Roll Marathon in Washington D.C.. That’s 26.2 miles 2 weeks from today. It had been quite a journey to get my body to this point. I have run: more than Read More