Communication in a Social Media World

Social Media has changed everything.

The way we see the world, and the way the world sees us and our businesses will never be the same.

Social media is a part of our world that is not going away.

It is the way so many people communicate today, which makes it an important leadership tool.

We could spend hours discussing the qualities that a good leader needs. Many will be universal, while others only apply to specific teams and situations. There are as many leadership styles as there are leadership situations, but there is one thing we continue to see time and time again; an effective leader is always an effective communicator no matter the medium, and effective communciation isn’t easy.

The channels are always changing and the way we communicate must also continue to change. Click To Tweet This


Mike Toner

Based in Alexandria, Virginia Michael is the Manager of Social Media at Navy Federal Credit Union. By evening, he's a husband, dog owner and runner. Toner writes about social media strategy, tools, training and best practices for social and digital marketing programs.


5 thoughts on “Communication in a Social Media World

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