Why I’m Really Excited About Search

Working on the web is extremely comforting for me.

For as long as I can remember I have had a computer in front of me with the ability to create anything I want.

I am lucky to spend my days focused on digital marketing and I am constantly fascinated by the powerful publishing and content creation techniques taken on by companies everywhere.

After studying search engines for long enough you also begin to understand the lengths that some websites go through to rank highly in search results.


Why you ask?


Search is one of those things that is measurable- and in marketing, we are maturing past keyword ranking trends and traffic from search. We are moving towards more sophisticated measures of seo performance, such as number of qualified leads or sales attributable to organic search.

I attended  a WebMarketing123 Webinar recently, and well…check it out for yourself… these guys are talking all about attributing sales and revenue back to individual keyword searches:

Close the Loop Between Keywords and Revenue from Webmarketing123

As you can imagine, you can draw quite a bit of insight into how customers are referring to services and solutions they are looking for.

Once you understand what they are looking for the information becomes invaluable to sales and marketing teams who are equipped to email relevant content and connect with via social media.

Search terms lead to sales, sales lead to cash, cash leads to investment in content and search.

That’s my theory anyway-

(PS: Mike Turner from WebMarketing123 is not to be confused with Mike Toner- although we do have eerily similar professional experience…)




Mike Toner

Based in Alexandria, Virginia Michael is the Manager of Social Media at Navy Federal Credit Union. By evening, he's a husband, dog owner and runner. Toner writes about social media strategy, tools, training and best practices for social and digital marketing programs.


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