Social Media and The Next Frontier

For the last year or so there was a lot of hype surrounding the use of social networks from a marketing and public relations perspective. Then came the question of ROI on Social Media.

Look at how far we’ve come…

I am happy to say that in the world of online interaction… we are moving on.

Over the last year we have figured out to engage, track and leverage social networks as a piece of our organizations marketing and PR efforts. Now that we’ve done that…What’s next, you say?

The Internet is leaving the computer at home. We are taking the internet with us everyday on our blackberry, iphones, droids etc.

We are able to access information on the web from virtually every place on earth, no pun intended…(it’s not virtual, it’s real…)

The Future is in the palm of your the form of a mobile phone/device…

One day soon, my blackberry will ping me when the dryer is done and my refrigerator will send me a message when it is time to buy more Dr. Pepper after sensing that the refrigerator is low on soda.

When thinking about the next use of mobile devices what do you imagine? I think appliances, cars and tv’s will the the first things to ‘communicate’ with my mobile phone… what do you think?

I believe we are also going to watch our mobile devices become our keys, phones & wallets combined…

Mobile is the pre-cursur to the Semantic Web..or the Personal Web…the cloud?, erĀ  3.0….ohh no…here we go again…

The Future Internet – Web 3.0:


Mike Toner

Based in Alexandria, Virginia Michael is the Manager of Social Media at Navy Federal Credit Union. By evening, he's a husband, dog owner and runner. Toner writes about social media strategy, tools, training and best practices for social and digital marketing programs.


4 thoughts on “Social Media and The Next Frontier

  1. Nice post, Tones. I have a theory that the traditional website is going to disappear as well. The constant need for updating, live streams and the like are making website static/stagnant. I think organizations will turn even more to social media forms to advertise, promote, and inform.

  2. Laura, true that…a static website won’t work in the future. Something like the BBC homepage will be the future: constant, customizable, relevant streams of information (hopefully based on things I already know and like.)

    Check it out, you can add, edit, customize and even move the info boxes around…

  3. Good post Mike, and good to see you today. I would say there is PLENTY of work to do with social media before we arrive at a fully mobile future.

  4. Hey Chris,
    Social networks already have such a strong tie to mobile devices- once the apps are fully developed and stretched to their potential, a mobile web experience could be as easy or easier than a full screen browser. Would you agree?

    Social and mobile are connected for better or for worse…

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