Dependence, Independence & Interdependence

As children, each of us relied on a caretaker to feed and clothe us. Our parents and grandparents had to know how we felt at any given time despite that children are often unable to verbalize such feelings. We were each dependent on someone else at some point in our life.

As we grow older, perhaps peaking in the teenage years, we each seek out our own identity, separate from those who have cared for us. We establish our independence and slowly break ties with those we orginally depended on. Teenagers are often unable to relate their feelings to their orginal caregivers.

The middle stage lasts the longest, but it is the transition from independence to interdependence where we each must look for help and support from those around us. It is not unusual to never reach true interdependency. The humility necessary to ask for help and the openness to share ones feelings with loved ones is difficult for some.

Move towards interdependency.


Mike Toner

Based in Alexandria, Virginia Michael is the Manager of Social Media at Navy Federal Credit Union. By evening, he's a husband, dog owner and runner. Toner writes about social media strategy, tools, training and best practices for social and digital marketing programs.


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